About Rafting

Rafting the rivers of Nepal is an ideal way of escaping the trappings of everyday life. Nepal's rivers are second to none, originating from the glaciers of the worlds highest mountains, they plunge through towering gorges and forested foothills before the more tranquil journey along the Ganges plain on their way to the Bay of Bengal. Rivers here are regarded as goddesses, and are included in a number of Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. You may be lucky to witness a river festival during your trip. Nepal Rafting, There is plenty of white water to keep the adrenaline high, with more tranquil stretches in between allowing time to reflect on the abundance of natural beauty. Camping overnight on the banks of the river in two person tents often around a campfire made from driftwood. All necessary equipment is provided and each rafting team is led by one of our experienced Nepali leaders. Rafting experience is not necessary unless stated in the itinerary. Nepal has one of the best rivers in Asia and in the world where one can arrange any kinds of water sport in it either that be a rafting or kayaking with the professional sports guides. It is renowned especially for white water rafting primarily in recent years. The well-trained and well experienced river guides of Nepal Adventure Bound make your trip successful and interesting. The white water rafting is only possible in Nepal, as the water of Nepal is flowing directly from the snow-capped high Himalayas. The mountains stretch from northern part of the country from east to the west; the melting snows of these mountains enrich Nepal to be the richest country in water resources. Therefore, it has made the country best for whitewater rafting and kayaking.
The rivers in Nepal are the best among the rivers in the world for river rafting sports, and it is obvious that the white water rafting in Nepal is never-ending thrills in the untamed rivers. The rushing rivers with crashing waves and swirling rapids, all are awaiting your arrival and explore. All the major rivers that are created from the Himalayas and running down to the mountains, which offer tremendous and exciting experience of white water rafting to anyone who wish to have at least try once. The river rafting is famous primarily in rivers such as--Trishuli, Seti, Bhote Khosi, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Sun Koshi, Arun, Karnali, Tamur. The river rafting in these rivers provide one the worlds most thrilling for the adventure lovers and you will be able to gather the fondest experience in your lifetime. The well-experienced and trained river rafting team of Skypark Travels will lead you throughout the journey, ensuring your safety and our utmost goal including in the rafting trip would be imparting an optimum satisfaction and fun so that you would like to come here in Nepal time and again and the holiday trips in Nepal would be memorable in your lifetime. We provide everything you will need for the trip, from tents, sleeping bags and mats to delicious food drinking water and of course all necessary safety equipment such as lifejackets, helmets, plastic paddles, wetsuits on certain rivers, river permit. We take the safety of our clients very seriously. All our guides are government licensed, with many years of experience on the rivers of Nepal. All are trained in CPR, First Aid and advanced river rescue techniques. Professional guides, on-river tuition, safety kayakers and state of the art equipment make challenging rivers possible, even with little or no previous rafting or kayaking experience. All you need to bring is a sense of adventure, a positive attitude and some clean underwear! The best times for rafting and kayaking in Nepal are September to early December and March to early June. Rafting in Nepal during summer season makes many of Nepal’s rivers un-navigable due to increased water volume from the monsoon runoff and the winter season offers short, cold days and nights.